Most read articles from Kilden in 2020

An article about masculinity in Norwegian black metal was the most read in Kilden's newsmagazine in 2020.
Changing masculinity in Norwegian black metal engaged most readers in 2020. Photo: iStockphoto

Environment friendly cities, gender dimension in research and innovation, and pandemics effects for women and men were among the topics that engaged Kilden's readers last year. The most read article, however, was about the changing expressions of masculinity in Norwegian black metal.

1. Changing masculinity in Norwegian black metal

In Norwegian black metal, monstrous images of hyper-masculinity is emphasised. This has given many fans power over their own identity.

2. Women’s travel behaviour make cities greener

Planning cities for and with women can make the city both safer and more environment friendly, according to researchers.

3. Seeking more European research that integrates a gender dimension

A new EU report shows how gender and sex analysis can make research better and more creative – including in disciplines that have not yet incorporated them.

4. "Pandemics affect women and men differently”

Our knowledge about previous pandemics gives us invaluable information on how to handle today’s corona pandemic, according to researchers.

5. Arabic women’s football: supported by the regime, but still breaking social norms

Norms and legislation strictly limit women's lives in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Nevertheless, women find ways to realise themselves – like by playing football.

Opinion pieces

Also, opinion pieces have been well read in 2020. The most read was "Who cares for the men who are left behind?" about how we can better understand the incel phenomenon, written by Leif Edward Ottesen Kennair.

 "When knowledge is banned", about attacks on gender researchers’ academic freedom, written by Linda Marie Rustad director at Kilden, and Sunniva Folgen Høiskar president at Norwegian Students' and Academics' International Assistance Fund, also engaged many readers.  

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