Kildens ansatte april 2024 bilde av sju kvinner stående på linje i glassgata til Forskninsgrådet

About Kilden

Kilden is a national knowledge centre for gender perspectives and gender balance in research.

Kilden was established by the Research Council of Norway in 1998 and is currently organised as an independent unit of the Research Council. It is our responsibility to promote gender research as well as gender perspectives and gender balance in research and innovation by communicating, disseminating and summarizing research. We are also tasked with contributing to knowledge-based public debate on gender and equality. We cooperate with research communities and special interest organisations all over Norway and have a wide-ranging network in the Nordic countries as well as in the rest of Europe.

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Sustainable Development Goals

Norway has undertaken to work towards the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, of which goal 5, “Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls”, is an interdisciplinary goal. Issues that have traditionally fallen within the sphere of gender research are now spreading to new disciplines. We also see that public debate concerning gender equality has increased in both scope and intensity. Kilden's area of impact is growing in step with this development, and the number of visits to our website and requests for cooperation are increasing.

Gender plus

Kilden takes what is known as a “gender plus” or intersectional perspective, meaning that gender is seen in conjunction with ethnicity, sexuality, class, religious affiliation etc. We consider gender research to encompass women’s studies, men’s studies, gender equality studies and sexuality studies in a broad sense (Read more about what genderresearch is here).

Gender in research and innovation

There are also national and international guidelines governing work on gender equality and gender perspectives in research and innovation. At the national level, the Research Council has a separate policy for gender balance and gender perspectives in research and innovation, and Kilden’s work falls under this policy. At the international level, Norway has undertaken to work towards increased gender equality and gender perspectives in this area, and it has endorsed The Ljubljana Declaration on Gender Equality in Research and Innovation, which deals with promotion of gender equality and inclusion, among other things by establishing gender equality plans.

Communication and dissemination

Kilden communicates, disseminates and summarizes research in a broad sense. We offer news through our independent news magazine, we own The Journal of Gender Research, and we produce the podcast Kjønnsavdelingen. We own and operate the website We produce research reviews and take on assignments  for external clients, like hosting the websites and We also organise Kilden's annual conference in addition to other seminars and debates, often in cooperation with other parties.


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News Magazine

Our news magazine is an independent online newspaper and a member of the Norwegian Specialised Press Association Fagpressen.