Kilden is a national knowledge centre for gender perspectives and gender balance in research. We cooperate with a broad range of partners and serve as a forum where researchers, the authorities and civil society meet.


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Our news magazine is an independent online newspaper and a member of the Norwegian Specialised Press Association Fagpressen.

Digital misogyny on the rise

Research shows that misogynist online communities have increased in numbers intensity and become more extreme in the past decade. 


Changing perspectives in gender equality research

A new report has identified trends and knowledge gaps in Norwegian scientific publications on gender equality and diversity in research and innovation. According to the report, it is not a given that measures aimed at gender equality are also effective when it comes to ethnic diversity.

“We need queer life stories”

“I am surprised that the coming-out stories are still so important, and that coming out is so stressful and difficult for young people also today,” says researcher.

“Research needs criticism”

All disciplines need criticism, both from within their own ranks and in the media. But if the criticism is unreasonable and personal, it can threaten freedom of speech in academia, believes one Swedish gender researcher.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is expected to open up great opportunities for society, but what do we know about artificial intelligence and gender equality?

Gender Equality in Research in Europe

Kilden has mapped similarities and differences among European knowledge centres that work with gender perspectives and gender balance in research.

Master suppression techniques

Master suppression techniques are strategies people or groups of people can use to dominate or humiliate others in a subtle, indirect way.

What's on

Recognising sexual violence. Developing pathways to survivor-centred justice

Iceland | to |

To address the “justice deficit” in cases of sexual violence the international conference will explore alternative approaches to justice as part of efforts to hold the state and offenders to account. Organised by RIKK – Institute for Gender, Equality and Difference at the University of Iceland, the Law Faculty of Lund University and the Department of Criminology and Sociology of Law at Oslo University.

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The National Gender Studies Conference – G22

Karlstad | to |

The next national gender studies conference in Sweden – G22 – will be held at the Centre for Gender Studies, Karlstad University, with the title “Shaping hopeful futures in times of uncertainties: the challenges and possibilities of gender studies”.

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News Magazine

Our news magazine is an independent online newspaper and a member of the Norwegian Specialised Press Association Fagpressen.