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Research reviews

We take on assignments and prepare research reviews of research with a gender perspective or in the field of gender equality. We also map fields where these perspectives are missing.

We can offer research reviews in different formats ranging from short guides, fact sheets, policy briefs and summaries of research to studies, reports and thorough literature reviews that map the status of knowledge in a research field.

  • Does your organisation need a research-based knowledge base?
  • Do you want to strengthen a project, website or conference by including a summary or a review of relevant research including a gender perspective?
  • Do you or your organisation want to know more about how to promote gender equality?
  • What can research tell us about gender in your field?

A research review provides a comprehensive and systematic overview of the existing research in a limited field and its characteristics. Research reviews can thus be particularly useful in areas where knowledge appears complicated or areas where scientific or political disagreement prevails. As the wealth of information available in society is growing, a research review can be an important tool in ensuring that new services, policies and practices are designed in an evidence-based manner and that future research is innovative and better targeted. [lenke til hva en kunnskapsoversikt er]

Our staff members have broad expertise in the fields of gender research and interdisciplinary fields, social sciences and the humanities. We also have access to a large network of experts in gender-related matters including research on gender equality, gender studies and research with gender perspectives. We can put together panels of researchers and experts to quality assure projects.

We will maintain close dialogue with our client throughout the process. We can help to formulate research questions to identify knowledge gaps. 

Check out our reports.

Feel free to contact us for an informal chat about how we can assist you!

Kristin Engh Førde

Director of Kilden

Trine Rogg Korsvik

Senior Adviser

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