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Efforts to promote peace can make women more vulnerable

25 March 2021
In recent years, gender has become an important factor in the international work against extremism. But some researchers fear that when women become part of the first line defence against radicalisation, they also become more vulnerable.

When knowledge is banned

28 April 2020
Attacks on gender researchers’ academic freedom can have fatal consequences, according to Sunniva Folgen Høiskar and Linda Marie Rustad.

Norway prioritises aid to support girls’ education, but forgets the jobs

28 February 2018
Can education meet girls’ challenges in developing countries? Not on its own, according to researchers behind a new report. They call for more goal-oriented measures to combat inequality.

Surrogacy: The impossible dream of a fair trade baby

30 May 2017
While western couples get their longed-for child, Indian surrogate mothers are left with a feeling of having sacrificed more than they have gained. Surrogacy can never become a win-win situation, according to anthropologist Kristin Engh Førde.

A warning against desirable facts about women in peace and conflict

11 May 2017
Oversimplified perceptions of gender roles in war and conflict reproduce gender stereotypes and existing inequalities, according to researcher Maria Eriksson Baaz.

Women central to the global fishing industry

5 January 2017
Although women play a central role in the fishing industry in many parts of the world, their contribution has not been sufficiently recognised. Now, the gender perspective on fishing is finally asserting itself.

Empowered by electricity

19 December 2016
The introduction of electricity in India and Afghanistan may save lives and reduce the oppression of women. But the picture is far from black and white.

The soldier as sexual aggressor

4 March 2013
Soldiers can degenerate into barbarians during times of war. A political-psychological study of sexual violence committed during the Bosnian War reveals the mechanisms behind this behaviour and provides valuable insight into what can be done to prevent such transgressions in the future.

Bringing HIV into the family

12 December 2008
HIV and AIDS strike more African women than men, and the consequences of being open about one’s disease may be greater for women. Norwegian researchers have looked at how this affects whether women in Malawi show up for prenatal check-ups.

Completely natural and potentially deadly

17 January 2007
Getting pregnant can be dangerous, if you are poor and live in a country where women are little valued. In Somalia and Sierra Leone, every seventh woman dies during pregnancy. Berit Austveg, specialist in community medicine, has written a book about what she calls the world’s greatest social injustice: maternal mortality.

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