Paternal leave does not alter stubborn gender roles

31 August 2021
The father’s quota of the parental leave and recruitment of male employees in kindergartens do not challenge gender roles at home or in work life, according to a new PhD dissertation.

Dad becomes leader, mum becomes mum

14 September 2017
A new study shows that the gender gap in management increases after couples have their first child.

Immigrants embrace the Norwegian father’s quota

17 August 2016
Men from Central and Southern Europe like the fact that the father’s quota is already negotiated and indisputable.

Researchers with children – a disadvantage in academia

21 December 2015
Both male and female researchers with children struggle to combine career and family. The competition is coming more and more from international researchers who don’t have children or access to welfare benefits such as parental leave.

Dad is important for his children's development

2 September 2014
A sensitive and attentive father has a positive influence on his child’s development. But only if he spends a considerable amount of time with the child during its first year.

Why Norwegian birth rates are higher than in the rest of Europe

13 November 2014
The Norwegian birth rate is higher than in the rest of Europe not only because they put their faith in the welfare state. They can’t imagine a good life without children.

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