Female genital mutilation

Communication is key to understanding female circumcision

29 September 2017
Lack of communication hampers the prevention of female genital mutilation, according to anthropologist Rachel Issa Djesa. She has observed encounters between Norwegian authorities, health personnel and Somali women in Norway.

Taking back the body with new clitoris

20 October 2016
In Sweden, circumcised women are offered a new kind of operation. But it is yet unknown how well it works.

Practice of female circumcision changes in exile

12 October 2015
According to a new book by Professor Aud Talle, most Somalis who live in Norway have changed their attitude towards female circumcision and are now against the practice.

30 years of failed campaigns against FGM

25 September 2015
Despite years of heavy investment, female genital mutilation still has major support in countries such as Somalia and Ethiopia. Well intentioned campaigns initiated by international organisations are being met with skepticism. "Changes must come from within," say researchers.

FGM-politics based on emotions, not facts

25 September 2015
Both female genital mutilation and forced marriage became part of the political agenda in Norway as a result of media publicity. According to a new report from Fafo, measures against female genital mutilation in particular are not based on knowledge and have been blown out of proportion.

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