Kilden is a national knowledge centre for gender perspectives and gender balance in research. We cooperate with a broad range of partners and serve as a forum where researchers, the authorities and civil society meet.

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Our news magazine is an independent online newspaper and a member of the Norwegian Specialised Press Association Fagpressen.

A forgotten suitcase from a queer life

An old, anonymous leather suitcase found in a museum storage area in Halden put three eager museum employees on the trail of the life of "The Fencing Lady".

Danish research on violence under political pressure

Last year, Signe Uldbjerg’s research on digital violence against women became a hot political issue at the Danish Folketinget. Followed by a political statement on the relationship between activism and research, outrage from Danish academia and a debate on academic freedom.

Digital misogyny on the rise

Research shows that misogynist online communities have increased in numbers intensity and become more extreme in the past decade. 


Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is expected to open up great opportunities for society, but what do we know about artificial intelligence and gender equality?

Gender Equality in Research in Europe

Kilden has mapped similarities and differences among European knowledge centres that work with gender perspectives and gender balance in research.

Master suppression techniques

Master suppression techniques are strategies people or groups of people can use to dominate or humiliate others in a subtle, indirect way.

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Phd course: InterGender Consortium and Research School

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InterGender – International Consortium for Interdisciplinary Feminist Research Training offers a course for PhD students, but also advanced Master’s students can apply. Title: Researching Differently: Transdisciplinary challenges and postconventional methodologies in feminist inquiry. If interested, please contact InterGender by following the link.

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Gender-In Webinar: Integrating Gender in Research on Civil Security for Society

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Online webinar by Greek Association of Academic Women (ELEGYP) and KILDEN Gender Research (Norway). Registration required. Lecturers: Torunn L. Tryggestad, Deputy Director, Director of the PRIO Centre on Gender, Peace and Security. She will talk about integrating gender in peace and conflict research.Matina Papagiannopoulou, social researcher, criminologist, PhD candidate, Panteion University will talk aobut gender issues and challenges in researching human trafficking. Issues

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News Magazine

Our news magazine is an independent online newspaper and a member of the Norwegian Specialised Press Association Fagpressen.