The speaking subject: A conversation with Toril Moi

9 December 2022

"I believe that any sentence you utter is an expression of a judgment. It’s a judgment of how you see the world", Toril Moi says.

Andrea Pető: “Working within higher education has become high-risk”

29 September 2022

The Hungarian researcher receives the University of Oslo's Human Rights Award for her work in academic freedom and institutional autonomy. Gender research is like the canary in the coal mine, she says.

Changing perspectives in gender equality research

24 August 2022
A new report has identified trends and knowledge gaps in Norwegian scientific publications on gender equality and diversity in research and innovation. According to the report, it is not a given that measures aimed at gender equality are also effective when it comes to ethnic diversity.

“Research needs criticism”

13 June 2022
All disciplines need criticism, both from within their own ranks and in the media. But if the criticism is unreasonable and personal, it can threaten freedom of speech in academia, believes one Swedish gender researcher.

From gender equality to inclusion

6 May 2022
How will gender equality efforts in the research sector evolve as we take more and more groups into consideration?

Critical colleagues may prevent researchers from stepping into the public eye

29 April 2022
Researchers are particularly worried about criticism from colleagues and superiors working in the same field, according to sociologist Marte Mangset. In a new book, she has studied factors that may prevent researchers from expressing themselves in the media.

“A woman’s international career seldom takes priority”

24 March 2022
Even though more women researchers are coming from abroad than before, it is often more difficult for a woman to move her family to Norway, asserts researcher Ingvild Reymert.

Committees hiring top researchers lose sight of gender balance and diversity

10 November 2021
How do we ensure that the best candidate for a professorship is hired, while still securing gender balance and diversity? A new study shows how committees that hire professors struggle to meet different expectations.

Gender Budgeting: A tool to increase the sustainability of gender equality plans?

10 May 2021
How can gender equality be achieved in an academia in which business logic and competition are central elements of its measures?, asks Gilda Seddighi and Hilde G. Corneliussen.

The COVID-19 pandemic is taking a toll on academia

3 May 2021
More than a year has passed since a virus pandemic shut down most of society, including the university and university college sector. Researchers with young children as well as teaching duties and research to conduct have been squeezed the hardest, according to recent research.

Fewer gender equality measures in academia in Finland than in Norway and Sweden

11 February 2021
A new study shows that Finnish universities have fewer measures for implementation of gender balance in academia, but their proportion of female professors is as high as in Sweden and Norway.

Seeking more European research that integrates a gender dimension

25 November 2020
A new EU report shows how gender and sex analysis can make research better and more creative – including in disciplines that have not yet incorporated them.

Gender equality in research is a joint European responsibility

27 May 2020
I am hoping for more outreach and more knowledge-based debates about gender equality in research in Europe, writes Linda Marie Rustad.

No discrimination against women whose CVs are as good as men’s

9 March 2020
According to a recent study, women and men have equal chances to move up professionally in academia as a whole. There are, however, a number of systematic differences.

“Europe wants more gender research”

20 November 2019
Gender equality generates better results within research and innovation. In addition, EU bureaucrats argue that European research funding should be earmarked with specific requirements for gender perspectives.


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Published: 2023

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