A fit body gives men career advantages

31 May 2018
Lisa M. B. Sølvberg has interviewed ten Norwegian upper class men about body, nutrition and physical activity. According to her, leaders’ views on physical exercise may affect whom they choose to employ.

Talk of equality is risky business for career in the oil industry

24 January 2018
White men dominate leader positions in the Norwegian petroleum industry. If you’re a woman and want to climb the career ladder, you need to keep your mouth shut when there’s talk of gender and equality, according to researchers.

Can good leadership solve academia's gender and diversity problems?

30 November 2017
Ever wondered what it takes to achieve a gender balanced and diverse staff? In academia, the most knowledge-intensive sector in society, the answers are hard to find. In this podcast, the experts discuss barriers and offer solutions.

Dad becomes leader, mum becomes mum

14 September 2017
A new study shows that the gender gap in management increases after couples have their first child.

Daughters ignored as leaders of the family business

9 August 2016
Who should take over the business after dad? Sons are still preferred to girls in family businesses.

Few women leaders in the research institute sector

11 November 2009
The better the gender balance, the more we benefit from the pool of researcher talent. This is the argument made by the independent research institutes for their own gender equality efforts. However, a new study shows that women are in short supply at the highest levels of research and in leadership positions within the sector.

Gender differences in leadership a myth

11 January 2013
According to a new doctoral thesis, there is no difference in the leadership styles of men and women. In groups comprised of both genders, an androgynous leadership style was found to be the best for creating a climate for innovation.

Rich, white men at the top of CERN

15 August 2014
Women physicists at CERN are locked in a structure and culture that is highly male dominated at all levels. The women’s movement and gender equality have not reached the physics fields, according to a history of science researcher. 

Easier for men to become top researchers

9 April 2015
It is more difficult for women to meet the requirements to qualify for tenure track positions.

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