Gender quotas

Changing legal gender and gender points: Is the scheme being abused?

The regulations don't readily allow individuals to impulsively change their legal gender, a legal experts explains.

Gender quotas on corporate boards? Norwegian researchers share their views

The Norwegian government wants to introduce requirements for gender balance on private boards, but do gender quotas really work? Read what researchers in the field think of the proposal.

Fewer gender equality measures in academia in Finland than in Norway and Sweden

A new study shows that Finnish universities have fewer measures for implementation of gender balance in academia, but their proportion of female professors is as high as in Sweden and Norway.

The secret behind Norway’s gender quota success

Men still hire men at the highest levels of society. According to researcher Siri Terjesen, gender quotas in the boardroom are the key to counteracting this culture of bias.

Helga Hernes - The mother of state feminism and gender quotas

State feminism. Gender quotas. Women’s research. Nobody can say that political scientist and gender equality strategist Helga Hernes (77) hasn’t left any traces behind.

A story of success

All of a sudden there was no escape: Publicly listed companies in Norway had to comply with the law requiring a 40 % female quota for board members. And indeed: It quickly worked. What happened?

Women conquer private business

The Norwegian gender quota law requiring that the boards of public limited companies consist of at least 40 percent women caused both excitement and indignation. Now it is being copied in many European countries.

Scandinavian views on the gender equal university

Swedish universities have made the most progress in renewing the academic culture and Norwegian institutions have designed effective measures, but in Denmark the prevailing belief is that gender equality has already been achieved.

«Diversity - not equality»

Norway’s demand for 40 per cent female board members is unique. How could such a radical gender equality measure be implemented in a business world which is opposed to quotas? And by a minister from the anti-quota right wing party Høyre?

Quotas and justice

Political committees in Norwegian local authorities should have a representation of at least 40 per cent of each sex. In practice, however, it does not work like this. The law on quotas often has to yield to arguments that it constitutes a threat to local democracy. Ingrid Guldvik has written her doctoral thesis on quotas and gender justice.

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