Mari Teigen: Likes protest but in moderation

13 July 2023

Armed with hard facts, Mari Teigen, as head of CORE – the Centre for Research on Gender Equality – has dedicated her career to investigating how gender plays out in the structure of society.

Committees hiring top researchers lose sight of gender balance and diversity

10 November 2021
How do we ensure that the best candidate for a professorship is hired, while still securing gender balance and diversity? A new study shows how committees that hire professors struggle to meet different expectations.

How the pandemic exposed the faultlines of gender inequality in Norway’s labour market

12 August 2021
The pandemic highlights some significant and remaining gendered structures in the Norwegian labour market – and the not-quite-sufficient efforts to eliminate them, writes Mari Teigen in this article.

The COVID-19 pandemic is taking a toll on academia

3 May 2021
More than a year has passed since a virus pandemic shut down most of society, including the university and university college sector. Researchers with young children as well as teaching duties and research to conduct have been squeezed the hardest, according to recent research.

Can artificial intelligence affect gender equality?

9 December 2020
A new knowledge overview provides a review of all Norwegian research on equality and artificial intelligence. From this overview, it is evident that we are not prepared for the consequences that the new technology might have for gender equality.

No discrimination against women whose CVs are as good as men’s

9 March 2020
According to a recent study, women and men have equal chances to move up professionally in academia as a whole. There are, however, a number of systematic differences.

The university as a democratic institution is at stake

6 March 2019
Values like equality, inclusion and diversity are being stifled by the prevailing management ideology in academia, critics note. “We must create an academic culture of compassion,” says British organizational psychologist Kathryn Waddington.

A fit body gives men career advantages

31 May 2018
Lisa M. B. Sølvberg has interviewed ten Norwegian upper class men about body, nutrition and physical activity. According to her, leaders’ views on physical exercise may affect whom they choose to employ.

Talk of equality is risky business for career in the oil industry

24 January 2018
White men dominate leader positions in the Norwegian petroleum industry. If you’re a woman and want to climb the career ladder, you need to keep your mouth shut when there’s talk of gender and equality, according to researchers.

Sexual harassment is about masculine power

17 January 2018
The #metoo campaign has shown that sexual harassment in the workplace is a large-scale societal problem. Now, researchers want to change focus from spicy stories to constructive debate on sexuality and power.

Sex Purchase Act has altered Swedes’ attitudes towards prostitution

25 October 2017
While the number of Swedes supporting the sex purchase ban is rising, more people also feel positive towards a ban on selling sex. Thus, the goal of transferring stigma from seller to buyer is still not achieved.

Excluded both as man and minority

9 September 2016
Exclusion during the student days may result in lower ambitions when entering the job market. In bioengineering, male students with minority background are struggling the most.

Daughters ignored as leaders of the family business

9 August 2016
Who should take over the business after dad? Sons are still preferred to girls in family businesses.

Immigrant women fall out of the labour market

21 April 2016
A part-time job does not necessarily mean long-term success for integration into working life. Many immigrant women fall out of the labour market after being employed for a while.

The dress is challenging the suit as the ultimate power outfit

28 January 2016
Well-respected female leaders in Norway dress in a traditionally feminine way. This may change the way we perceive feminine signs and symbols, according to researchers.


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